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Tuesday, October 17, 2023. A story written by bun.
Content Warning
dehumanization, humiliation, freeuse, petplay, impact, gag, chain bondage

It was a cold and busy day in the city. Nobody paid any attention to the young person that was spriting down the street. He almost fell to the ground when he suddenly stopped in front of an appartment building.

“Fuck fuck fuck am gonna be so fucking late” he said as he approached the door and whiped his phone. “Okay so, fuck come on you shitty app, give me the code” He sighed. He impatiently waited for his phone to load, and then he immediatly started to enter the building code that appeared in his message app.

He walked at a fast pace inside the corridor behing the door, and crossed the little yard. Without wasting any time, he went into a second corridor, and entered one of the door present.

Visibly sweating as he approached the reception desk, he waited a few seconds for the receptionist to finish their call, and then without missing a beat, at a fast pace he began to speak:

“Hello, I got an appointment at 2:30, I’m very very sorry about being late, I had some bus issues.”

The butch looking receptionnist answering calmly: “It’s all good love, the slut is late too, it’s about 25 minutes late. I invite you to sit in the waiting room and wait for your turn. It should be ready in about 10 minutes.”

As he heard this, he began to calm himself a bit, he then went into the waiting room, only to realize that the waiting room was almost full.

“10 minutes, 10 minutes my ass”, he mumbled to himself. As he found a sit, he began waiting and looking at all the other persons. All the person in this room were all looking so different from one another. There was a very feminine looking person, dressed up in all pink, with a cute skirt and long blonde and pink hair. And just next to them, you could see a big guy, wearing a black suit, their facial trimmed up perfectly. There was a small-ish person with long red high heels boots, a red harnass on their chest, and in their gloved hand they were just holding the leash of the someone that was sitting on the floor next to them.

As he was questionning if he should be referring to the leashed entity as a person or just a pet, a guy came inside the room, wearing the same uniform than the receptionist.

“Mister Venus and her pet ? You can come right in.”

“Welp that answers my interrogation” thought our brave protagonist as he watched the gloved dom leaving the room with the pet following just behind it.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, and a few person being called in, the same employee came back.

“Miss Slutty Underscore Oracle Underscore Sixty-Nine ? You can step in now.” As he heard his name he could not avoid blushing a bit. He clearly wasn’t expecting to hear his dumb pseudonym spelled out loud like this.

He grabbed his bag, and then followed the employee. “Looks like it’s your first time here, miss” “Oh yes” he laughed akwardly, “Is it that obvious ?” The employee chuckled “Yes a bit, but do not worry, it’ll be fine. ”

They opened a door and invited Oracle to enter. “I invite you to change yourself, then once you’re ready, just go through the room in the back.” As soon as he was in, the employee closed the door behind him.

He was alone, in a small darkened room, with a few seats, and some shelfs with some toys and tools on it. He went and sat, and proceed to put his bag down, got completly naked apart from some stripped thigh highs, some matching stripped arm warmer, a thick leather collar, and his panties.

He then put on his harness and his strap on, took a few seconds to process his situation, and then walked through the door.

The room was lightly lighted, with a round bed in the middle, a few candles here and there, and a small bar with a bunch of condoms, lube and other stuff that he could not identify.

More importantly, next to the bed, laying on the wet floor, there was the slut. It was, for some reasons, extremely wet. It was gagged and on its knees, its hands locked behind, a blindfold on its head.

“What. Why is she all wet like this” he said out loud without realizing.

A deep dominant voice coming from a corner of the room, veiled in the darkness, answered: “The previous users were a bit enthusiastic and made it all dirty, we had to clean it of course. And also, do not use ‘she’, this toy is not a person anymore.”

“Oh hi, I hadn’t noticed you, I wasn’t expecting someone else here.”

“Laureen should have told you that when walking you into the room. But yes, I supervise everything, I do not want the toy to be mishandled by some careless user. I will intervene only if you cross the line, but feel free to use the toy as much as you want.”

“Uhm, she.. i mean the toy, is locked right now, can I unlock her ?”

“Yes of course, the keys are on the counter. Do keep in mind that you can not remove the collar nor the leather bracelet. But you can remove the chains though.”

Oracle approached the toy and gently caressed her head. Then he lifted it on the bed. The toy squirmed a bit as it was moved.

“Well let’s have some fun” he chuckled next to it’s ear.

The toy wriggled a bit from anticipation. “Oh you really are a horny slut. You pleasured so many person today and somehow you’re still a depraved mess.”

He turned the slut a bit to its side so he could admire its cute ass. “Your owner is so nice. I would definitly not have put you some panties back.” As he said that, he gently lowered its panties to reveal an already very bruised ass. The simple act of caressing it made the slut shiver.

“They were really not nice to you it seems.”

The toy tried to nod a bit.

“Well I am gonna be worse.” he said with a cruel smile. The slut didn’t have any time to process the sentence that it was already on it’s belly, its butt facing Oracle.

He started to pass his fingers on the bruised, and then between the cheeks. The loud noise of a spank on the toy’s ass was immediatly followed by an inarticulate moan.

Oracle was happy, that was exactly what he wanted to hear. So he continued, alternating between left and right cheek, the moan gradually becoming quieter as the toy burried it’s crying face into the mattress.

When he decided he had enough, he spred its cheeks so he could have a closer look at the toy’s hole. And of course the hole was already very wide from all the previous user. Oracle noted that the hole was also already lubricated.

He quickly grabbed the lube bottle, and squeezed a generous amount on his strap. He positionned himself and then went in. The entire strap went inside with no resistance.

“Of course.” He giggled. He then started to thrust himself in and out this cute toy. The muffled moans of the toy was just too intoxicating for him. After a while he removed himself out of its ass, removed the chains, and then flipped it on its back. He then removed the small cage the toy had on its useless cock. It was all sticky because of the toy leaking. Oracle also took the time to remove the gag from the toy. He then positionned himself so he could continue to fuck the toy.

He started to thrust in and out of the toy again. As he did that he grabbed one of the toy’s legs, and in the other hand it’s neck. As he was himself moaning a bit, he told in the most firm way possible: “Okay now open your mouth slut.”

And then soon as it did, he stopped a bit the thrusting, brang his face closer to the toy face, and spit directly inside its mouth. “Good whore” he said as he continued to thrust inside the toy. After a few minutes he decided to just stop, remove his strap and his panties, and then start to grind his pussy on the toy’s face. “Come on, use your useless mouth and lick me up.”

He put his hands behind its head, and started to push a bit. Then quickly after, he just turned over, and presented his asshole to the toy, followed by a simple instruction “Lick.”. While the toy was busy, he started playing with himself and the small pointy and cute toy’s tits. Soon after he came and then just let himself fall next to the toy.

“Pfff, it was good. Are you alright toy ?” The exhausted toy nodded back to the question. “Well, I’m gonna have to go now, I think I definitly have outlasted my allocated time there.”

He stood up with some difficulty, then took his stuff, before going back to the first room. A few more lights had been setup during his time with the toy, and one of them revealed a shower that he previously did not notice. After a quick shower, and getting dressed up again, he realized that he forgot his panties in the room. As he was approaching the door, he realized that the toy was moaning and was definitly being taking care of by the next user.

His panties was not worth it, he decided to leave without it. After getting dressed up, he went back his steps, crossed the waiting room, that was full of about a dozen person, and to the receptionist.

They were not busy so he just saluted them once he was close enough.
“Hi, did everything went well with the slut ?”
“Oh yes, it was perfect, I just might have forgotten something in there.”
“It’ll be fetched after an user has finished, and stored, you can come back an other day to grab it if you want.”
“Oh well, in that case, could I just schedule an other appointment ?”
“Of course, what about next monday, at 3 ?”
“Oh this is perfect actually”
“And will you be alone or accompanied ?”
“I’ll probably be accompanied yes, 1 other person.”
“Perfect. Have a lovely day miss.”
“And the same to you.”

Once he was out in the street again, he decided to grab himself some hot waffles from a nearby bakery, and to peacefully go back to his home.