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Tuesday, February 08, 2024. A story written by bun.
Content Warning
petplay, D/s, hypnosis, dubcon, conditioning trigger used

A stiff back, some weird bruises placed around your legs, and a distinct lack of clothes, those are the first things you notice when waking up this morning. Your head still a bit groggy from whatever you did last night.

Once your mind clears a little bit you realise that you’re in an unknown place. As your heart starts to beat faster, and the panic sets in, you try to find your phone around you, only to notice that you can’t find it, and that you are on a dog bed laying directly on the floor.

You can’t stop yourself from letting out some helpless cries. Not a lot of them. But just enough to get noticed.

Noticed by someone sitting on a sofa a bit further away, calmly sipping down a cup of tea while reading a book.

“Oh, hello pet, did you sleep well ?” they ask softly.

“p-p-pet ?? wha-who-me ??”

“Of course silly” they giggle, “you’re my cute little pet, and I am your owner now, and I expect you to address me as such” they say with a huge smile.

"but am not a pet ? i am a h-h, h, h-, " as you struggle to talk, they continue to laugh lightly.

“You’re not one anymore my dear pet, and you will have to stop using this pronoun, it really does not fit you. A cute pet like you should use ‘it’ if it ever has to talk about itself.”

After a few shy whimpers you manage to say a few words: “It is sorry, it does not remember how it arrived here”

“Aaaaw, did you already forget ? A few days ago you came to me, you begged me to take you, to fix you, to make you better, and perfect…”

"… And so I did. First, I disciplined you a little bit. Didn’t really last long. A few hours and you stopped trying to run away.

But just a few physical tourments wouldn’t be enough of course. I had to let you rot a few hours in the darkness of my basement, you were of course immobilized."

“You were quite docile already at this stage. Surprisingly more submissive than some pet I owned for years. Must be some innate talent laying dormant inside of you.”

As they say that, you can feel your cheeks blushing…

“And then, finally, to make you fall in my complete control, I made you spend hours listening to conditioning files.”

You swallow a bit difficultly after hearing that. “c-c-conditioning files ? what is that ?” you inquire.

“What did I say about you addressing me, pet.” They say sternly.

“I… It is sorry Owner. What are those conditioning files ?”

They let out a giggle.

“Do not worry about it pet. Just remember that they made you more docile, and they brought you closer to being a perfect pet.” they promptly answer.

Sit pet.” Their voice sounds different this time, you can feel your mind slowly going blank, while your knees are shaking, not being able to hold you anymor. You feel as if it's not you controlling yourself in that instant. Once sitting on your knees, you come back to your senses.

“You see pet ? Isn’t it wonderful ? There are, of course, a lot of other very entertaining commands you’ll discover along the way.”

From your position on the floor you manage to catch a glimpse of their grin. You see them turning away for a few instants, searching for something on the couch. When they turn to you again they are now holding a leash and a thick pink leather collar.

“Stay still pet.” This time their voice doesn't have the same impact as the previous command, but regardless, you still stay completely immobile. You see them approach you, and instinctively you close your eyes. You can feel them gently pulling your hair away, then the soft touch of the leather around your neck, the metallic sound of the collar’s buckle being closed, quickly followed by the sound of the leash being attached to it.

“Aaaw, were you scared pup ? Why close the eyes ?”

“I-I-I, It doesn’t really know why. But it wasn’t scared Owner.”, you reply shyly while blushing and opening your eyes again.

“You are adorable my dear pet. Now follow me, it’s time to test a few of those wonderful commands.”

You can not see their face anymore, but you are certain that they still have a huge grin. You are quickly interrupted in your line of thinking by them tugging the leash, leading you out of the room, into your new life.